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¼ Turn Fix

Stick Chair Clip

Stick Chair Clip is available on Stick Chair, Large Stick Chair Orange and Blue.

Zip Stool

Zip Stool is available on Small and Big Folding Stool, Small Folding Stool Bleu and Orange.

Quick Fast Lock

Stool Compact

Short story about Lacal

Lake is an industrialist living in Ningbo in the Tiamming mountains in Eastern China and has more than twenty years of experience in manufacturing outdoor products.

Pascal has also been innovating and developing his ideas in the same domain for more than twenty years, at the foot of the Vercors in the French Alps.

Lake and Pascal met for the first time in 2008 at the ISPO exhibition in Munich. Passionate about mountaineering, separated by 10,000 kms, they built up a trusting relationship. In 2020 they decided to join their expertise and create the brand LACAL, an innovating range of specialised outdoor equipment.


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Lake Marque Lacal


Pascal Guidetti Marque Lacal