Big Light Chair
Réf. FC-04-101
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Big Chair Light Lacal Camping

Big Light Chair

Comfortable, light, compact and easy to transport,
this chair will accompany you on all your outdoor escapades 1..2.. SEAT COMPACT

Aluminium tube 7075 T6
Elastic strap system to assemble the tubes between themselves
Chair dimensions when folded: 38 x 13 cm
Chair dimensions when open: 50 x 70 x 95 cm
Seating height: 38 cm
Weight: 1150 g
Polyester canvas fabric
Storage bag

Big Light Chair Innovations

Big Light Chair Video

Précaution utilisation Precaution for use

Handle with care, risk of pinching. Always check the stability before sitting down. Not to be used by children or vulnerable people likely to loose their balance.

Maximum weight supported: 100 kg