Screwdriver Stick 115-140
Réf. FK-07-115-140
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Screwdriver Stick Lacal Skiing

Screwdriver Stick 115-140

Super resistant, this pair of poles provides comfort and safety when skiing. Made of 7075 aluminum, lightweight, it is equipped with a VERY LONG GRIP foam handle for use on slopes. The pole is marketed with several screwed rivers in the handle SCREWDRIVER SYSTEM. Also equipped with a long carbide tip SIZE TIP to be able to very flexible baskets.

1 section 100 % in aluminum 7075 T6 – 18mm
Long grip handle 43 cm
Screwdrivers in the handle
Weight: 484 g to 534 g /pair
Length stick: 115-120-125-130-135-140 cm
Washers: winter
Carbide tip

Screwdriver Stick 115-140 Innovations

Screwdriver Stick 115-140 Video

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