Quick Stick Compact Alu (blue)
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Quick Stick Compact Alu Lacal Hiking Bâton

Quick Stick Compact Alu

When preparing for a hike, our backpack should be as light and compact as possible. Therefore, LACAL offers you the adjustable QUICK STICK COMPACT ALU, pole, 40 cm long folded up. It will hang on the side of a backpack without problem. Adjusting and using the pole is very simple, just extend ELASTIC CLIP, the tubes by holding the handle with one hand and the QUICK FAST LOCK system will lock the tubes together instantly. You can finish adjusting the desired height by unlocking the GOOD LOCK SYSTEM at the top of the stick. A DOUBLE GRIP foam handle for use on slopes and a long carbide tip SIZE TIP to adapt the baskets to two different levels depending on the season.

4 aluminum sections 16/14/14/14 in 7075 T6
Double foam handle
Locking system « QUICK FAST LOCK »
Ratchet height adjustment locking system
Weight: 560 g/pair
Length when unfolded: 110 to 135 cm
Length when folded:  40 cm
Washers: summer/winter
Carbide tip

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