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Survival Stick

Whether I’m going for a walk, a bivouac, or an expedition, I realized that I was always missing something … and that it was very difficult to anticipate, as nature can have many surprises in store for us.
From there, the idea came to me to make a survival pole that could meet our needs in all circumstances and adapt to each of our adventures. Today the pole is marketed with several accessories, but nothing prevents you from customizing it to your liking and according to your activities.

Reliable and simple to use, this pair of hiking sticks provides comfort and safety. Made of light and strong aluminum and wood, it features a latch ALU SYSTEM LOCK, a natural cork handle SIMPLE GRIP and a carbide tip CHANGE TIP.

It can turn into a fishing rod, orient you. It allows you to light a fire, saw or cut, sew … And depending on the contingencies, signal your presence to the emergency services.

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